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"Very first AC game to appear on the Playstation 2."
  • 200+ Parts
  • 36 missions
  • 50+ Arena opponents
  • 3 new part categories
- Enable the core's overboost enhancement to quickly close on opponents or make hasty retreats
- Graphics Note: framerate plummets during complex missile attacks.


Earth Year 196 - The mega-conglomerate, Zio Matrix uncovers plans dating back to before the Great Destruction that detail a project aimed at terra-forming the planet Mars. Not wasting any time, Zio Matrix deploys a research team to the red planet in order to corroborate the information. Their efforts pay off and Zio Matrix steps to the forefront in continuing terra-forming plans begun years earlier.

Over the course of the next two decades, thirty to forty percent of the Earth's population migrates to Mars and communities are established. The majority of communities are set up by corporations looking to secure a place for themselves on the red planet and reap its rewards. Competition between corporations reaches unprecedented levels and is further exasperated by the lack of a strong governing body.

It is in this setting, on a second home planet called Mars, that humanity begins a new and violent chapter in its history.


"Mission focused AC2 expansion."
  • 100 missions
  • 0 Arena opponents
  • 20+ VS Arena locations


- VS missions let friends work in tandem for a common goal, or compete against one another
- Better Resolution and Gameplay was tweaked since the original AC2 (framerate still plummets during complex missile attacks)


- Import saved game data from Armored Core 2


Five years after the coup attempt lead by Leos Klein...

The Earth government struggles to realize one of its original objectives, relocating people from the underground cities to the Earth's surface.

These plans are hopelessly delayed due to the fact that the government has had to shift its focus from resettlement to military buildup. A necessary move in the government's eyes, needed to keep the both the corporations and the situation on Mars in check.

After facing various setbacks, the corporations that once held sway on Mars are in positions of diminished influence. This does not sit well with them and each is secretly rebuilding their personal armies in order to contend with the government's growing might. Tensions between the corporations and government are at a breaking point.

With all of the government's efforts currently focused elsewhere, resentment toward the institution from the general populace is at an all time high. Tired of being neglected, people living in the underground cities have taken matters into their own hands and incidents of armed revolt are a daily occurrence.


"A pivotal shift in the AC franchise."
  • 229 Parts
  • 50 missions
  • 70+ Arena opponents


- New Game Engine: very smooth framerate, complex missile attacks no longer cause framerate drops.
- Four-player free-for-all and two-on-two team battles
- Employ a wingman for those missions where one AC just isn't enough
- Take advantage of the brand new "weapon drop" feature to shed weapons after expending their ammunition stores
- "Exceed Orbit" cores, allow for orbiting attack weapons instead of OverBoost.


One entity ruled the world - it was simply called The Controller. The Controller handled the major decisions of everyone's life. People took it for granted that The Controller would handle every aspect of their lives for them. Under the rule of The Controller, people lived safe, yet uninspired lives of a promised prosperity. As time went on, several powerful factors known as Corporations came on the scene.

In their separate struggles to gain absolute power, the Corporations waged war upon each other. The Controller even manipulated the war between the Corporations. All was going according to the plans of The Controller, but somehow, the forces of chaos began to rise...


"Arena & A.I. expansion to AC3."
  • 428 Parts
  • 34+ Missions
  • 41 Arena Opponents
  • 21 VS Arena locations


- 200 new available parts and accessories
- Adaptive A.I. Arena allows you to design the artificial intelligence for your Armored Cores and create a custom arena!
- "Cockpit P.O.V." is immediately accessible to the players - they get to see the action right from the Raven's point of view. (Gimmicky FPS view added to Silent Line. It never really cought on, and is the only AC game to feature this view)
- Destructible Weapons - Allows players to isolate firepower to their enemy's weapons systems, thereby rendering them powerless, with a minimum amount of ammunition.


- Import saved game data from Armored Core 3



An underground refuge that became humanity's last chance for survival after prolonged national conflicts turned the planet's surface into an inhospitable wasteland. Those who dwelt in this sanctuary did so under the yoke of oppressive corporate conglomerates and an artificial intelligence entity known as the Controller. This arrangement continued for centuries, and as time passed, the residents of Layered grew ever more complacent.

Not everyone bought into this existence and it wasn't long ago that an individual took matters into their own hands. This person, a member of an elite group of pilots known as Ravens, destroyed the Controller and freed mankind from its grasp.

A new age began that day -- and humans were once again able to return to the planet's surface -- now healed of the wounds it had suffered. At the same time that humans were freed from their self-imposed exile, so too were the corporations freed from the shackles that bound them to the Controller. With nothing to stand in their way, the corporations immediately commenced plans to redevelop the planet's surface.

The present...

Surface redevelopment plans are well underway, but a recent string of unexplained events has slowed progress. Attempts have been made to investigate further, but the region where the occurrences took place appears impassible...

Corporate conflicts over such things as land and mineral rights are becoming increasingly common and the suspicions raised by recent events are adding fuel to an already volatile situation. As always, corporate disputes are settled with the aid of an impartial third party...a Raven.

With the situation on the surface steadily escalating out of control, can there ever be hope for a lasting peace?

All that has been recovered is on the brink of being lost yet again...


"Spanning over 2 discs, the largest most complete AC release ever."
  • 400+ Total Parts
  • 150+ Missions
  • 40+ Arena Opponents
  • 14 VS Arena locations
DISC ONE - Evolution
This disc is the primary part of Armored Core Nexus, featuring the new missions, arenas, etc etc

DISC TWO - Revolution
This disc is a compilation disc which features revamped missions from the PS1 Armored Core games, as well as artwork, movies, unlockable parts, and music from the entire AC series.


- Part tuning abilities allow you to purchase stat tweaks for each part.
- New HEAT features have been added. Instead of parts getting to hot and melting off AP, they cause your AC to overheat pulling resources from your Radiator. This causes your energy to drain and will prevent you from utilizing your boosters.
- Full Analog Control: Another first for the series is full dual-analog control, allowing more options for the player to choose how to control their AC.
- First AC game to feature LAN capabilities using the network adaptor. As usual it is still I.LINK compatable as well.

(Since Armored Core: Nexus comes on two discs, users can utilize both of the discs to play head-to-head multi-play; each disc includes all the multiplayer options allowing users to link-up and play multi-play with one copy of the game.) 2 player split-screen is also available, as well as 4 player split-screen multi-play on two systems.)


- Tournament mode is also offered which allows up to 4 players to play on separate systems with a 5th TV being a real-time replay/observer mode.(unknown whether this will work on LAN, it does work on I.LINK)


Coming Soon...


"Arena focused Nexus expansion."
  • 431 parts
  • 18 new parts
  • 0 Missions
  • 23 VS Arena locations
  • 200+ unique arena opponents
  • 150 different training exercises


- The new arena search feature enables players to narrow down the list of prospective opponents to just the AC types that most appeal to their individual preferences. Choose from eighteen different search parameters spanning five categories (Class, Rank, Leg Type, Weight, and Range) to return a list of AC opponents that meet the selected criteria.


- Import saved game data from Armored Core Nexus


During a rare lull in the usually incessant infighting between corporate giants, the world is experiencing its first taste of relative peace in many years. This is not to say that the corporations have discontinued plotting or carrying out attacks against one another, but the occurrence of such acts are much less frequent.

With the exception of one clandestine organization, the world as a whole is grateful for the recent climate change. The organization in question does not advocate a return to the days of wanton violence and destruction, but is concerned that the sudden shift from a constant "conflict ready" state to one of seeming peace will cause many to let their guards down. Specifically, they do not want the Ravens who will man the front lines in the event of a future emergency to grow complacent.

In an effort to prevent this from happening, the organization has recruited some of the world's top AC pilots to take part in a rigorous training program. The goal of the program is twofold: further hone the skills of the best, and ensure a sufficient and capable force is at hand should the need for their services arise.


Raven, your performance during recent assignments has been the subject of close scrutiny. The prowess you demonstrated has earned you an invitation to participate in a unique program. Although many pilots were screened, only a select few were deemed worthy of this privilege.

The program in question has been designed to push the combat skills of all participants to the very limit of their abilities. None of the challenges we've devised will be easy to overcome, but remember, there was a reason you were selected.


"Uses Nexus/NineBreaker Engine, and is the last PS2 AC game."
  • 500+ parts
  • 70+ Missions
  • 28 VS Arena locations


- Active Mission System: Decisions made during the mission have direct effect in the story outcomes
- Destructable AC Parts
- Human Appearance (Barely)
- 6 Endings


Unmanned suicide weapons ravaged the world. Corporations that used to fight one another lost everything in the aftermath. Instead of trying to rebuild individually, they joined forces to form "Alliance". The organization got off to a rocky start. Months went by before things were running smoothly.

A new world order was ushered in, one ruled by Alliance. But a rebel group known as "Vertex" vowed to overthrow them.A war between the two groups broke out and quickly escalated into chaos.

Now Vertex has issued a declaration. Their final attack launches in 24 hours.
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