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S.L.A.I. - GamePlay Introduction

by: lordnikon

Before continuing with this guide please read the user manual, and be sure to have started a new save in story mode.

For new players, this game can be quite frustrating since key information is left out of the manual and in-game tutorials. This guide will not get into the advanced elements, but instead serves to ease players into the game.

The game will want you to first go to battle school. Use this time period to get familiar with SLAI terminology. Once you are ready, you can take the FIRA exam. This is not too difficult so you can work your way through about half of battle school and then complete the FIRA exam relatively easily.

Acquiring your first Scoot Vehicle

The first thing you should do after the FIRA exam is visit one of the following manufacturers and purchase an SV:
  • American Stars
  • Kojima
  • OMSK
  • S&V
  • Ventuno
The SV you purchase will usually have 3 on board weapons as well as a basic OC system.

Note: In most cases, purchasing a used SV from The Mechanist should only be used for picking up some spare parts. It is recommended that you purchase a new SV from the manufacturer.

Once you have purchased your SV, go to the SV Hangar and run the test mode. Here you can test out your SV and get a feel for the controls and gameplay. The enemy's here are very easy to defeat.

GamePlay Tactics

SLAI focuses on 2 key mechanics: (1) Optical Camouflage and (2) Defending the rear of your SV.

Optical Camouflage aka OC, is one of the key elements of the game. Stealth, hiding, and surprising your enemies is what it takes to survive a rumble.

The backside of your SV is extremely vulnerable. Getting hit here will cause your Armor Points to deplete rapidly. This will influence how you evade enemies, since when you turn around to escape you are leaving yourself exposed! So back up against walls and keep moving constantly. Also use the side bursts to strafe around to shuffle incoming fire from the back, to the sides of your SV quickly.

How to Join a Rumble

SLAI works on a schedule, which has a 100 day cycle and covering 7 cities across the world.
  • Tokyo
  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Stuttgart
  • Cairo
Use the scheduler to determine which days you want to rumble in, and use Beam Port to travel to other cities.

Each day has a different type of rumble, featuring SV's of varying skill. What you want to do is use the schedule wisely and fly to different areas using Beam Port to follow D-Rank rumble matches. Forget A or B rank matches right now. C-Ranks you can fight, but ONLY dip in for a few seconds to squeeze off a few kills, and if your life drops below 75% then leave immediatly and get out with whatever money you can. You can also fight FREE matches, but sometimes there will be rankers in those matches. So they are kind of like wildcard matches. Basically try to fly to different areas that are closest, and track D-Rank matches, while filling in C-Rank and FREE rank matches in between. Also, feel free to sleep ahead a day here and there as well to reach the days you are looking for.

Note: Rental SV's can also be used to test the waters and earn a little cash before diving in with your main SV.

The Importance of SAVING

Saving in SLAI is extremely important. When your SV gets destroyed in a rumble, you will lose a TON of money. On average 70,000 credits can be lost in 1 match. Buying Insurance from the Mechanist can help cut back some, but early losing 1 or 2 rumbles can clear all of your credits.

What is the primary source of these losses? Well, CRASHERS of course. As you should have learned in Battle School, crashers are higher ranking SV's that crash the match. They will usually appear cloaked and take you out from nowhere. Sometimes they can be waiting for you when you first get out of the gate!

It would be wise to leave a rumble before your AP gauge gets to 60% to prevent getting your SV destroyed. As you progress you can take more chances as your knowledge of the game grows.


Early on you will want to purchase a CHIP from Difference-EG. These are an rpg-esque element of SLAI. They will level and grow helping your SV perform better in rumbles. It is also possible influence how chips level.

Be sure to return to Difference-EG after each rumble to repair your chip! It will slowly degrade overtime, but if you do not repair it regularly, it will degrade extremely fast.

Earning Money

To earn money (credits) in SLAI, you can do this a variety of ways. The most obvious is to compete in rumbles. You will earn credits for each SV you destroy, and can earn bonus credits from how fast you can take them out. This includes both enemy SV's and drones!

At the drop zones keep a look out for blue crates, which can be snatched up for cash.

Around any given city map, you will find all types of objects like cars, buses, and boxes. Blow these up to receive credits. In Las Vegas keep an eye out for blue target cards.

At The Mechanist you can purchase 2 types of stocks(found under Option Mods) which you can sell off later if their price goes up. Each day the price will fluctuate up or down. This is a great way to expand your total credits.

Upgrading your SV

Shops like The Mechanist, Edgeworks, Difference-EG, and Idol all change their inventory each day. So be sure to check them regularly to find new parts.

You can use these shops to buy new SV parts, paint your SV, and buy new chips.

Early on it is recommended you invest in defensive gear, such as tool kits, AP plating, and a new OC system to replace your basic model.

Extra Information

If you wish to get into more detailed technical information, feel free to pa rouse the following URLs:

The official SLAI Homepage (in english):

More charts and guides than you can poke a stick at:

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