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Tribes Aerial Assault - Expert Controls & Chat-Test

by: lordnikon

The following voice chat commands and additions only function while playing on dedicated servers. The new control schemes however will work in any mode, as long as you do not save over the control scheme.

How to install EXPERT controls

Enabling expert controls, will give you a greater range of control while playing Tribes Aerial Assault. You can throw the flag, or drop packs and weapons. Using this will also enable the CHAT-TEST menu automatically, allowing you to communicate with teamates using 135 preset phrases.

1.) If present, remove CHAT-TEST from your buddy list
2.) Add EXPERT-A or EXPERT-B to your buddy list
3.) Join a dedicated AADS server, such servers feature a green arrow
4.) Exit the server, and go back to the warrior config screen
5.) Click to the Controls Panel
6.) Save your Warrior

You should now see the new configurations in the controls menu. You can even press the circle button in game, and it will swap the menus showing you exactly what controls are available using the Expert configuration. Below is a list of the functions one can use with the shift button:

(Circle Button = Shift)
Shift + Select = Suicide
Shift + Up = Drop Flag
Shift + Left = Drop pack
Shift + Down = Use Pack
Shift + Right = Drop Weapon
Shift + Square = Target Lock*

You may remove the words EXPERT-A or EXPERT-B from your buddy list if you want, but most people just leave it in their buddy list.

Also notice the features usually obtained from CHAT-TEST, now come default with these 2 controller configurations.

How to remove EXPERT controls

1.) Verify that EXPERT-A or EXPERT-B are not in your buddy list.
2.) Reboot TribesAA
3.) Go to the Controls Screen
4.) Select a standard control configuration
5.) Save your Warrior

Enabling only CHAT-TEST

If you are planning to just use CHAT-TEST and are not planning to use the EXPERT control schemes, then all you have to do is add the word CHAT-TEST to your buddy list. When you enter an AADS server the square button on the ps2 controller will bring up a spider menu interface. Navigate along the keywords to find the phrase you wish to say.

Green text indicates another set of choices.
Blue text represents the final choice.
All of the Voice Chat choices have audio, and about half of them will display text in the upper region of the screen for all players to see.

To remove voice chat functions, simply take CHAT-TEST out of your buddy list.

If you would like to view a complete list of all the input commands for chat-test, please click here.
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