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Twisted Metal Black Online - Relics Reference

by: lordnikon

Defiance - Partially blocks incoming damage. The player possessing the Defiance Relic cannot be frozen or cought on fire.
Slayer - All weapons do double damage.
Special Regen - Regenerates the vehicle's Special Weapon at a faster rate. The possessor also regenerates Energy and Turbo.
Restoration - Sets player's max health at 200%. The player slowly regenerates health points.
Mega Guns - Gives player Mega Gun bullets which slowly regenerate up to a maximum of 100 shots. When Mega Gun bullets run out, the vehicle will shoot unlimited enhanced machine guns.
Backlash - When shielded, weapons fired at the possessor will reflect back upon the player who fired them. As an added bonus, the possessor's Shields comsume 1/2 the normal Energy amount.
Assassin - This relic allows the player to cloak when motionless. The possessor's vehicle will decloak if a weapon is fired.
Relic Buster - This Relic will dislodge a Relic from any vehicle that it hits.
Parasite - Returns a portion of damage done to opponents back to the possessor as health. This Relic will also transfer some Energy and Turbo from the hit opponent.
Evade - Prevents weapons from locking on the vehicle except at extremely close range.
Blitzkrieg - Doubles the firing rates for all weapons. The possessor gets double the pick-up amount.
Demolition - Applies area effect damage to all weapons.
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