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Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:17 am
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The fourth game in the series on the PS2, and second from developer Climax, ATV Offroad Fury 4 aims to carry on the tradition of the series with tons of brand new features. (Rainbow Studios developed the first 2 Offroad Fury titles, and then went off on their own to make ATV vs. MX Unleashed.)

One of the cool additions to the single player this time around are the point-to-point races. These are like rally courses, and allow the player to traverse more interesting course designs rather than the typical circuit.

The game will feature the same great online setup from previous ATV games. It will have e-mail, text and voice chat, built in message boards, as well as a new tournament feature. On top of this ATV4 has a track editor, with the ability to upload custom tracks online just like TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Apparently, from what Brian Ekberg at GameSpot says, ATV4 will feature cross-platform compatibility. He states that, ďthe PlayStation 2 version of the game will support a shared online community with players of the upcoming ATV Offroad Fury Pro for the PlayStation Portable.Ē I donít know if he means the community features will be shared, or the online game-play will also be shared. As E3 approaches Iím sure we will get more information on this.

The one question up in the air is, will this game support dialup? All of the other offroad games from Rainbow and Climax have had both Broadband and Dial-up support. It certainly would be cool for this game to have dialup support, since there are hardly any new games coming out these days that support it (besides sports titles).
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