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Sat Jun 24, 2006 10:03 pm
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So I read online about Leaping Lizzy, an NM Rock Lizard who hangs out in South Gustaberg who spawns about every hour-hour and a half and drops some awesome boots when she dies. Her boots are the exact same as mine (def 3), but they add +3 to agi and dex (bounding boots, I think they're called). Sounds great, I think, so I go out and hang around to try and kill her.

There are a bunch of people running around waiting for her. I give up and go kill some Goblins in the Dangruf Wadi.

Every time I go to try and kill her, there are always a bunch of people there trying to kill her as well, so I figure I'll wait until it's late at night or something, this way most of the population will be asleep and I'll have a better chance. Later on, It's down to me and three other warriors all running around waiting for her to spawn. I don't have a USB keyboard yet, so I'm half-ass chatting with one of them for a while, and after what seems like forever (actually around an hour) she shows up right in front of me.

I had seven potions with me because I heard that she was harder than Carnero (a NM ornery sheep), and Carnero killed me twice before I killed him, and my character is only a Level 14 Hume Warrior. So I attack her.

She goes down like a bag of rocks in three hits, I get a measly 45 experience points, and instead of some awesome boots, she drops a freaking Fire Crystal. How lame.

I run back to Bastok and check the auction house and check how much the boots are selling for. Mind you, the +3 Def boots I have I bought for around $1000 at auction. The boots she drops (which were +3 Def, +3 Agi, +3 Dex) we selling for $750,000!

I love FFXI so far, but man... the economy is screwed up. And I'm going to have to go out sometime tonight and try to kill her again now that I know I can score three quarters of a million gil just by selling some boots!
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Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:10 am
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Hahahaha, yea man, the economy is JACKED up! Don't buy them at the AH, just keep camping the NM, or don't worry about it at all. For now, just focus on leveling. Get your subjob (if you don't already have it), and unlock an advanced job or two. Then come back for the NMs =P
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Sun Jun 25, 2006 8:13 pm
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Makes me wonder if anyone would recruit there if they were desperate for help
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