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Topic: Frequency vs Amplitude

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Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:42 pm
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I just started playing amplitude last night and played for an hour or so on the normal difficulty. I am enjoying it but I think I like a few things in frequency better.

Maybe I am just not used to the game yet, but it seems like the visuals in Amplitude interfere alot more with the gameplay. In this game each note you have to hit is represented by a blue circle and I find that color tends to blend in way too much with the background. Sometimes the background behind the notes is blue as well and makes it hard to see.

In frequency the notes were blue, but the background right below them was greenish and made them stand out a lot more. In amplitude the background underneath them changes from red,blue,yellow and stuff and makes it way too hard to see. Also, the sections where you earn powerups in amplitude are blue just like the notes which makes them hard to see from a distance. In frequency they would stand out a lot more because they were yellow while the notes were blue.

**edit** I take that about about the powerup color in amlitude. Different powerups are different colors. Some are yellow like they were in Frequency, but some are blue as well.

I also am not really liking how the playing field is flat in amplitude. In frequency the tracks were arranged in like a cylinder shape so you could see every track at once. Now in amplitude you sometimes have to try to rush over 5 tracks to reach the oncoming set of notes and it is really hard to do that sometimes. It seems like I am getting way less score multipliers by completing consecutive tracks because of this design aspect in Amplitude as opposed to Frequency. This is just on the normal difficulty and it is hard to switch tracks quickly. I can only imagine this problems gets much worse on the higher difficulties when things speed up and you have way more complicated note patterns to worry about.
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Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:36 pm
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By the sounds of it Amplitude is sorta like Rock Band. The notes and the background would sometimes be the same colour or close to the same colour and make it quite hard to see or even notice... Very frustrating.
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