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Topic: DNAS Error 401?

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Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:12 pm
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So, I've been wanting to play FFXI on my ps2, just for the novelty of playing it on a ps2. However, every time I start the game on my hdd-enabled ps2 fat, it gives me a DNAS -401 error. I've read online that it's some sort of hardware problem, but I have no idea what it could possibly be. My ps2 is using completely official, non-modded hardware. I tried contacting Sony support, but they told me that playing games online with the Playstation 2 "simply can't be done, it's impossible." and that the only people who play FFXI "play it on a ps3". :\

So my question is- does anyone know what this error is and/or how I might be able to go about fixing it? Thanks in advance! Very Happy
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Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:30 pm
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I think that is a bit strange that you would only be able to play it on the PS3. Yea playing something like this on the PS2 to experience on that platform is an awesome experience.

So, I could help troubleshoot, but I would have to break out my save and subscribe for a month. I guess it is still around 12 bucks. So this error is just when you try to sign online? DNAS error implies a problem connecting to Sony's DNAS authentication service.

What are you using to configure your PS2 network config? I know later games like Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition would create network configs that were incompatible with early generations PS2 online games. This could impact FFXI.
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