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Tue Feb 21, 2006 3:51 pm
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A new press release states that downloadable content will be 'available' in March. I canít say released because they arenít necessarily Ďreleasingí anything. There is a middleman you have to go through first that will ask you to fork over $5.99 before you can actually get the latest maps. Yes, that is correct, it will cost you more money to expand your Socom 3 experience. From one angle I sort of see this as milking the consumer base. I come from a generation where games like Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena saw professional map packs released for free. In-fact, Unreal Tournament 2004ís map expansions were all free. However, on the flipside new maps costing money is just a sign of the times. This is the mp3 generation, and all of these mini-transactions are starting to take hold. The way I see it is, if you are a serious Socom 3 player, then paying $5.99 for these maps is a no-brainer. However if you are a casual player who just plays pickup games with friends, then you do not necessarily need to buy these maps.

There is one problem though. The first map pack available in March includes the same maps from the Socom 2 expansion (After Hours, Last Bastion and Liberation). So the Socom 2 maps which we were all supposed to get for free over the internet, and ended up on some rare PSM demo disc, are now going to cost you $5.99 to play on Socom 3. Iím sorry but this right here is complete rubbish. These maps should have been given out for free to make up for the Socom 2 debacle. Then on the next map pack they could start charging their fee.

Zipper has at least taken steps to make it easier to acquire the maps this time around. You can use the Official HDD, a USB Memory Drive, or a PSP with a Memory Stick Duo (32mb minimum). This makes me wonder if the maps would be tied to your unique Socom 3 account. Technically someone could just throw these files up on the Internet for download. Honestly, I hope this is the case. Then we could easily backup the maps for archival purposes and gamers who didnít get these maps for Socom 2, could get what they deserve, and score Socom 3 down the road on the cheap to finally play their maps. (Finding that PSM demo disc with the Socom 2 maps is just a bit difficult at this stage.)

Apparently the map packs will feature both old and new maps. So eventually all of the maps from the entire Socom franchise could be available on Socom 3.

As far as I know this is only for the North American version of Socom 3. I believe the game is launching soon in PAL Regions, but I have no confirmation on whether this content will be available for PAL users when the game launches.

(Original Press Release)
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Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:09 pm
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You know, as an ex-Socom player, soon to be MGS3 S player, I must say that this map pack is a dissapointment.

I do not look forward to it.
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