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Tue Apr 18, 2006 5:54 am
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On July 31st 2006, Everquest Online Adventures will be going offline in Europe. EQoA was launched in PAL Territories in October of 2003, and will have been online for roughly 34 months. One of EQoAs oddities is that it is an MMO without cross-region capabilities. As seen with other games, this type of isolation can have dramatic effects on a games community, causing unnecessary player droughts. Had the game been cross-region compatible, PAL EQoA players would still be able to play online in the future.

It is easy to speculate that within the next year or so, EQoA could also go offline in North America. I have no hard data showing how many players are active in EQoA at the moment. The official forums for the game suggest that there is some decent activity, with posts filling the forums with each passing day. However EQoA is an MMO, so I dont know what qualifies for high or low activity. Because most MMOs have persistent worlds, 400 players spread out over an entire online universe could be considered a thinning player population. Whereas with a non-persistent rpg like Monster Hunter or Champions of Norrath, 400 would be considered thriving.

Sony Online Entertainment is offering refunds for unused subscription payments and game cards. Refunds will be offered through July 1st, and all game cards must be used or exchanged by May 15th. Everquest Online Adventures will continue to run for PAL users until July 31st.

PAL users should read the latest news post in full at the official Everquest Online Adventures website:

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Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:11 am
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Damn. Another one bites the dust :S

Atleast the PAL players still have Monster Hunter.
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Sun May 07, 2006 12:15 pm
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Here is a little insight on how populated EQOA is: (Look for Everquest OA)

If that chart is a little too convoluted to read, EQOA is at about 47,000 players. I certaintly wasn't expecting it to be that high, but this chart dates back to July 2005, so the population has likely fluctuated.

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Wed May 17, 2006 9:00 am
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Did any PAL gamer from this site play this

i bought this about a year and a half ago for 10 and was running home to play it i was so excited.

I didnt no at the time it wasnt cross region and spent my month free looking to find people at differnt times of the day, the most people i ever seen online was 2, so i was rather disapointed

On a plus point i read over at the everquest forums that PAL user can connect to the USA servers with a ntsc version of the game and a ntsc/u ps2 which seem intresting. This is something ive been thinking about alot lately but with the next gen jst round the corner i dont no if its worth it. I really wanna play this and tribes as it looks an amazing games!
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