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Sun May 07, 2006 10:06 pm
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When I moved I left a spare PS2 controller with a friend who had just had one break. This left me with but one Dual Shock 2. Normally not a big deal, since I don't really know anyone here yet for multiplayer, but it gave me an excuse to buy a controller I'd been looking at for quite some time: The Logitech Extreme Action Controller (not to be confused with the Logitech Wireless Extreme Action Controller).

So, how did it fare? Hereign is my review:


Stock photo.

First of all, the Extreme Action Controller (EAC) is cheap. While it's rather difficult to find, if you can get ahold of one, most retailers aren't charging any more than ten dollars. Originally selling for $24.99 (the same price as a DS2), either lack of interest or some other factor lead to most stores trying to blow out their stock, which is great.

The EAC is a full-featured analog controller with vibration and turbo. Turbo is set independently, button by button, with the option to set turbo even on L3 and R3. This is nice if you're playing a shooter and want rapid fire, but not rapid special weapons, or something similar. While the rumble effects are satisfying, the motors are overy loud, making a puru-puru seem silent by comparison.

Button placement is nice, mirroring the distance between buttons and analog sticks used by the Dual Shock, even though the controller is a bit larger all in all:
Size comparison. I'm using my Eyetoy as a webcam, so the quality sucks.

If you have larger hands like I do, this is a blessing. The extra length of the handles fit comfortably in the palms, giving the pinky and ring fingers something to hold on to. While the leather siding on the EAC might look attractive from the pictures, it's really very solid and non-comforming. It still fells much more comfortable on the hands than regular plastic does, though.

While the EAC is a wired controller, the cord is a ridiculous nine and a half feet long. This means that unless your living/gaming/bedroom is cavernous, you should have plenty of cabling to be able to sit back and relax. It's nice that Logitech gave us a cord that long, as opposed to the standard six feet that most other controllers have.

The analog sticks themselves are more flattened on top then the curved shape of the Dual Shock 2. This makes it easier to keep my thumbs from slipping during extended gaming. The sticks themselves are a tiny bit looser than the DS2's. While it doesn't affect gameplay, if you're someone who prefers really tight sticks than you might notice.

Logitech has also seen fit to include gold-plated connectors. It says right on the box. Whether or not it helps my controller commands get to the system a half a millisecond quicker or something along those lines I couldn't tell you. I couldn't tell any difference other than the gold plated connectors look kind of cool:

Yep, Gold. Big whup.

~ Cheap
~ Comfortable
~ Very long cable
~ Logitech quality

~ Rumble motors very loud
~ Difficult to find in stores

A perfect spare controller, cheap enough to pick up for an unexpected multiplayer game. If you have larger hands, it serves well as a DS2 replacement. Just remember to up the game volume a little to compensate for the rumble motors.


The Logitech Extreme Action Controller scores four out of five Es.
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Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:54 pm
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i kno this is an old topic , but watever. (Lord Nikon your random topic thing on the homepage is cool hehe) Thanks for the review. This controller doesnt sound to bad. This might be good for me since I have big hands, plus if its cheap it wont be much of a loss if it sucks. I have the wireless logitech one. It works good, but I dont like eating through batteries.
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