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Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:17 pm
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After 3 years of operation, Square's Front Mission Online will be heading offline at the end of May 2008. I was the only person here to go the extra mile to get signed up for this game on the Playstation 2. Playing it required an original model Japanese PS2, an internal HDD, the FMO game, as well as getting signed up for a Japanese PlayOnline account (no easy task). I plan to get my fill of the game in the next few months before it is taken down. It was a great game and I really enjoyed the time I had online with it.

I like the turn-based Front Mission games, but it is a shame Square never ported the real-time engine from FMO to make a standard single player game.

Well, good memories atleast. I was glad I was able to play Front Mission Online. It is something I really wanted to experience and will never forget.

Original Announcement at Official FMO Site


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