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Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:39 pm
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September 27th 2009
Players (2): noonotthat, TheMytho
Duration: 12:30 PM to 1:45 AM (EDT)

Good games on Star Wars Battlefront noonotthat. Smile

Our first games went well, with a few randoms joining us as the night went on. noonotthat surprised everyone with his excellent Landspeeder parking skills on Tatooine. He successfully parked his Landspeeder in the Sand Crawler and defended it for a solid 30 seconds. Meanwhile, I was on patrol in my TIE Fighter, wiping out the Tusken Raiders and the Empire (we were Rebels) in a desperate attempt to win the game after a couple of blunders in the beginning.

Our last game was great though. noonotthat and I were playing as Rebels again and both spawned in the cantina. Rather than go out and fight, we decided to stay in the cantina and defend it from underage drinkers (Jawas) and the Empire. After crawling on the pipes in the middle of the bar, which reminded noonotthat of playing on a jungle gym, an Imperial player was outside with an AT-ST. Devastated that he was not allowed in the club, he kept firing in the doorway, hoping to catch us off guard or kill whoever else spawned inside. We stayed away from both doorways, keeping our eyes on the mini map every time the AT-ST moved.

After about 7 minutes of constant laser fire, the score was finally down to 3 to 1. Both noonotthat and I felt secure in the fact that the cantina had invested in blast-proof walls. The Imperial player was getting frustrated, as he began to take a command post in the hopes of luring us out. After capturing a post, noonotthat went outside and lured the AT-ST back towards the cantina. I safely hid across the doorway incase the Imperial player ran inside to throw some grenades. After a few attempts, we finally secured the cantina as the Imperial player charged in and threw all his grenades. I don't know who got the kill, but we both started laughing over the fact that we won by staying in the cantina the entire game.

Too bad that we couldn't record that last game... Crying or Very sad
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Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:50 pm
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yes those were some fun games, you forgot to mention my extreme flying segway tricks on that beach level, and the fact that the game wont let you go fishing on the dune sea because it says you "leaving the battlefield" I will traverse the dune sea one day........
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