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Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:02 pm
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ok when I had my ps2 hooked up to my linksys router (and no ports or anytrhing like that wer eopen, i just plugge dit up to tdeh router and played just like that with nothing additional needed. my ps2 worked online, however now instead of beaing hooke dto a router Im hooke dto a switchboard, the pc's that are hooked to that switch board connect to th einternet just fine, however my ps2 doesnt, everytime i try to login to a game or test connection, it times out. (instead of saying connectionmn failed or something it just says it timed out as if its takin too l ong to connect to tehhe net). so how do i get my ps2 to work online using a switch board? is it even possible?, also Im using an official scea sony network adapter (which the games located and see just fine). help me out lol.

the switchboard inmm using is 3com super stack 2 switch 1100

maybe i need a crossover cable? or can it not be done at all on a switchboard?
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Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:04 am
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I did put a normal Internet cable in my PS2.
But I saw also that some games are not possible to play online. Sometimes need you also a account.
But how did you connect your PS2 to the Internet?
Because I have a PS2 Phat and when you have that PS2 version you need to buy somethig.
I've you wan't more information just say it to me

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Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:09 pm
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Uhhhhm, I know when using my Desktop switch I would have difficulties using DHCP. The switch would automatically assign each device the same local static IP thereby giving me lots of conflict errors. I had to create a new network setting on my PS2 where DHCP would be turned off, in turn allowing me to manually create an IP that doesn't conflict.

So, if your router is at the address, just make up an IP within the same range as 192.168.0.x (the "x" would be whatever number you want). For example, a connection profile might go like this:

IP Address:
Default Router:

Don't know if that'll do any good but you can try it.
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