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Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:48 pm
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20 years ago on September 9th, 1995, Sony launched the PlayStation (PS1) in North America. As the new kid on the block, Sony not only beat expectations, but sewed up the entire generation within a short amount of time. The PlayStation ushered in affordable 3D gaming and cemented the CD as a viable storage medium for games.

For my 20th anniversary celebration, I decided to play through Metal Gear Solid. I actually set up my original PlayStation console in order to progress to Disc 2 since I encountered a bug playing on the PS2. Otherwise, I had a great experience playing through MGS on the PlayStation for the first time ever.

Have any memories of the first game you played on the PlayStation? What did you think of the system at launch? Post here and let us know.

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Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:28 pm
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I was an early adopter of the Playstation. I got it for christmas, and the games I got were Extreme Games and Twisted Metal (not a launch game, but it came out in November so I got it by xmas).

The thing is, at the time I wasn't even thinking of getting one. How I got it was my mom went to Funcoland and she asked between the Saturn and the Playstation, which was the system to get. They told her Playstation. So she got it for my brother and I for christmas that year.

I have a much stronger relationship with the PS1 library today than I did back then.

The titles I played the most during the PS1's early years were:

NBA Hangtime (a lot)
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider II
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal 2
Metal Gear Solid (demo)
Metal Gear Solid V.R. Missions

This was all I knew on the Playstation for years... though I was playing fewer games at the time and getting into some other hobbies before going off to college (when I played nearly zero games). During my teens I was big into 90's era NBA basketball. Collecting cards and such. I was at the arcades playing NBA Hangtime like a fiend. So when the PS1 port came out, I was all over it.

For Metal Gear, I actually didn't play through the entire game at the time. I played the demo a lot, and then portions of the early part of the game by renting it. Also, a lot of the games I played beyond these core titles were on demo discs. Titles like Spyro and Jumping Flash I played mostly on the few Playstation Underground demo discs that I had.

My brother actually took more advantage of the PS1's premiere titles at the time, playing titles such as Final Fantasy VII and Gran Turismo.
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Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:07 pm
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I picked up my first PS1 by trading the "rich kid" at my middle school a bunch of PC games I had picked up from flea markets for his PS1 and a few games after he decided he didn't like console games anymore. I mean, I felt kinda bad, but this was 1996 and I was 11 years old and there was no way in hell I was going to be able to afford a PlayStation so I made the deal the second he offered it.

The first game I played on the system was the then-new Alien Trilogy. Some of the other games I remember playing early on were Descent Maximum, Blast Chamber, Jet Moto, and Tomb Raider. Later on I played games like the Quake 2 port, Resident Evil 2, and I got really into Gran Turismo 2 as well.

I also got really into exploring games with the Gameshark, I'd get codes on my lunchbreak at school and save them in text files on a floppy disc or write them down in a notebook and then try changing variables at home to see what would happen. It was a blast.
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