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Sun Jun 08, 2008 7:37 am
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This thread begins with me popping out yesterday morning to look in the bargin bin at my local block buster video for some PS2 games. I didnt find what I was looking for but on the way out I headed into the charity shop a few doors up. I spotted a PS1 game on the shelf there called Vib ribbon and picked it up and put it back down at least three times before I eventually bought at the massive price of £1. I got home plonked it down in the back room and could easily have forgot about it had I not put it by the PC. Next time I sat down for a look at Onlineconsoles I searched Vib ribbon on Ebay and was quite surprised to find this going from anywhere from £12 to £30. Listed by many as rare by many sellers its not but seems to be highly sought after. Curiosity now tweeked by this later I sat down and ran all my PS1 games via ebay and was surprised how many rare or sought after games I am sat on here, I almost feel like a collector now Laughing Games I have that fetch relatively high price are

Final fantasy 7 (fetchs up to £20)
Final fantasy 8 (Averages around £15)
Monster rancher (2 sold recently for £24 and £30)
Bubble bobble and rainbow island (sells £10 to £24)
Twisted metal big box version (selling for £12 to £21)

There are various other games as well that hang just under those amounts but overall I am quite surprised at the price PS1 games are fetching. I mean these games were rolled off in the truck load sometimes with 2 releases on what was the biggest platform for years. How the supplys have dwindled so much in such a short time I dont know? Maybe like I say above its not rareness but demand with backwards capable consoles and the UK credit crunch could mean people are looking for cheaper games.

Anyone know of any rare ps1 games list them here, I'll be only to happy to scour the local car boot sales for them. Views welcome also though, lets not make this a list thread.

Have Xlink and can tunnel twisted metal, Project snowblind and Timesplitters future perfect. Need to find out if Destruction derby 3 ps1 exists!
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Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:46 pm
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Valkyrie Profile seems to be a bit rare. other than that i cant think of anything off hand
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Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:22 pm
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suikoden II fetches high prices, but i wouldnt consider it rare, just uncommon. also a game called intelligent qube somehow became valued and overpriced Confused . any rpg with a black label would be good for collectors or anything squaresoft. i regularly see FF7 being high priced (or at least priced as if it were new) whether it has a black label or even an ugly green label sometimes. valkyrie profile as mentioned, breath of fire III & IV have consistent value. tactics ogre, ogre battle limited edition maybe. working designs rpgs like arc the lad or lunar. there's a lot more i'm sure but all i can think of are rpgs.
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Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:10 am
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Einhander seems to be rare. Also, there is a light gun game called Elemental Gearbolt, which goes for high prices.
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