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Fri May 08, 2015 2:26 pm
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As administrator of the site, I never put much effort into building up a strong community around this game. In the early days, we had a dedicated forum for it, I created a character and level'd up a bit as did a few other players, but its not like OC has a strong history on FFXI like we do with PSO (DC/GC). I think this was due in part because its an MMO, it requires a large time investment, and the PS2 hardware needed to play was a barrier for entry (along with monthly subscription fees).

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XI for the PS2 will shut down in March of 2016.

While I still have a strong passion for preservation, I think it is also important to take things in and experience them while they are available. This is a viewpoint I am more comfortable with now than I have been in the past. So I will be going online on my PS2 for FFXI's Final Year.

  • I have my character subscription renewed on FFXI for the PS2. I also have all of the expansions installed on my HD up through Wings of a Goddess.
  • I will be playing FFXI up through March of 2016
  • I will be taking screenshots and recording video of the game here and there as I play.
  • I will be enjoying and playing as far into the game as I can within the time period available.

Can I join you?


If you have the PS2 hardware, and are willing to subscribe, then feel free to join me. I know not many people will, but if you are really interested in getting involved, myself and maybe 1 or 2 others will be playing FFXI on our PS2 consoles.

What happens after this?

Well, this doesn't have to be the end... and maybe that is part of the reason why I am willing to dive into this game again. There are alternative playing options on the PC version of the game via unofficial servers. More importantly, the server code has been made available as open source and is available to the community.

FFXI is an incredibly important game in the history of Playstation 2 Online, and I feel it is important to celebrate this history going forward even though it might not be on the PS2 platform itself. If we have an opportunity to play a game that was so monumentally important in the history of the PS2 in an independent fashion, then I think its worth creating a way for us to discuss this at the site. I will have more details on this in the future.

For now, lets enjoy the PS2 version while its available.

See you on FFXI!
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