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Sun May 28, 2017 3:31 am
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Would anyone be interested in using a Telegram (an instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp) group chat to use while playing Tribes: AA online? Rookie (sorry, Snafu, lol) could send a message to everyone in group (or anyone else hosting) when their server is online. Once online, we could use this to talk in-game. You can use Telegram on your mobile phone like texting, or use it on a computer.

Maybe I am interested in this, because, while I am currently unable to play the game online (only on emulator) I would very much be willing to help the game survive as it is one of my favorite PS2 games. Razz

If anyone is interested, please say! I think it could work well, considering Tribes has no in-game chat, you guys could discuss changing server settings (new map, removing bots, new game-mode, etc..) more easily.
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Mon May 29, 2017 12:18 pm
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That is a great aspect to consider, but i think things are going fine for now. Back in the day people use to trust people with their cell phone numbers and we did three way voice talk to set up strategies to wipe out the other team. The only way to get someone's number was to host a two person room only so that only one person could join with their cell number and if anyone else joined you would kick them.

I would rather have you put your time, money, and energy to join a session Kansas then to get the text thing going. I know you have been coming here awhile now Kansas and i believe you still have not come back home to the states yet, but you can still join tribes from over there on a PAL ps2 using swap magic disc to play tribes. I figure for as long as you've been coming here that if you would put a little money on the side every month or week, that in less than a year you could join up with us.
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