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Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:00 pm
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Any of you guys ever venture away from your console and try gaming on a PC? The last week or two I've been playing Tribes 2 to get my Tribes fix.

As you know, TAA was a lightly modified port of T2 for the ps2. Its been a ton of fun. The biggest difference between the two games is aiming. Not only is there no aim assist (which I've come to realize how much I depend on) but the weapons also have "inheritance," meaning that the projectiles' motion are influenced by the player's motion. This adds a HUGE dimension to game-play that was not present in TAA. It takes so much more effort to properly lead your targets while simultaneously correcting for your own movement in the x,y, and z directions. The game also offers a cool look in to the greater universe of Tribes (seeing more bases, vehicles, epic maps, weapons, etc.

The game still has several dedicated servers running, and although they are almost all entirely empty, there are still nightly games with several players on each team (anywhere from 2 to 10+ players in a server) and even bigger turnouts on the weekend. Whenever you are itching for Tribes and there is no one to play TAA with, I would highly recommend Tribes 2. If any of you guys decide to give it a try (and you should) I play as NermanDersh.
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Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:58 am
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A thread talking about comparing a port to its original (in terms of features, differences, etc) is okay, but a thread on Tribes 2 specifically is not as per the forum rules. This is due to the rule regarding offtopic discussions on the site (mind you the rules do need some tweaking). Generally, everything at the DC site should be about the Dreamcast, same thing for the GC site, and for the PS2 site as well. The site is razor focused on the Playstation 2 console and its games. Discussing standalone games on other platforms even if related in the series would be considered offtopic as per the site's format.

Even for Shenmue III, which was huge epic news for Sega and Dreamcast fans, I had to discourage discussion at the Dreamcast site, as at the end of the day its not a Dreamcast game, but a PC/PS4 sequel to a Dreamcast game. So for instance even if "Tribes Aerial Assault 2" were to come out on another platform, it couldn't be discussed here.

Tribes AA on PS3 via Backwards Compataibility = OK to discuss
Tribes AA on PC via emulation = OK to discuss
Tribes AA vs Tribes 2 port comparison = OK to discuss

As always feel free to reach out to me with any questions if further clarification is needed.
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