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Sat May 06, 2006 12:06 am
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Like others have said, Outrun 2006's online doesn't have that many players online. This all comes down to the same exact scenario I have been discussing for a while now.

The master list is empty, there are tons of people who want to play, but NOBODY will host a game. The average user is a joiner, rather than a hoster, and is waiting to join a game. So countless users go online, see the master list is empty, and then power off their console. Hilarious.

So what do I do? I host a game of course. Then just like clockwork all of the poor saps that were sitting at the master list aimlessing looking for someone else to host join my game.

The online runs pretty smooth. There is no traffic online. I wonder if there is traffic in LAN (I doubt it). The game really only becomes super fun when you have 3+ players. With just 2 people, and no traffic, it is a neck and neck race to the finishline.

Outrun 2006 is a lot like a tunneled LAN game in terms of its online mode. There is no headset support, no keyboard support, and no controller input keyboard. There are no chatrooms at all. All you see is the master list, players join your game, and then you start the session. That is pretty much it.

One of the best features though, is the fact that you can be "signed in" to your account while playing the offline game. So even when you arn't playing online you can check to see if anyone else is on. Plus when signed in the Rankings section because more detailed and allows you to see your own rankings in with the online rankings. Which is pretty cool. It is exactly like what it would be like at the arcades where they have arcade cabs that hook into an internet database for their rankings instead of being limited to just 1 machine. This is probobly my favorite feature.

I think this game is cross-region compatible because the rankings all show other countries in them. However I don't know if this translates to gameplay as well. If any PAL users would like to test this with me let me know.
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