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Sat Oct 21, 2006 11:06 am
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Are there really a small amount of 60fps games on the ps2? Or have we just gotten so used to 30 we havent noticed the drop? Because I played red faction online on my PC with my ps2 controller and I just had that feeling I'm always talking about missing with ps2, specifically online FPS's that I used to have when I played UT.These were feelings of pure smoothness and the want to play more unlike a feeling that theres gotta be something wrong with me if I cant get into this. So does anyone think the smoothness of how the game ran could be an atrributing fact? and also I know this is a DC related ? but how many frames did UT/Quake 3 run at?
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Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:47 pm
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(I'd like to keep this focused on the Playstation 2 rather than bringing up other consoles. So if you would like to inquire about fps's on the DC and their framerate performance I would be more than happy to answer that at the DC site.)

Games running at 60 frames per second are not very common on any home console platform. All consoles, not just the playstation 2, are plagued with games that run at a slow framerate. I know exactly what you mean about playing a game at a smooth framerate and then going to play games which run at around 30fps. It really makes you appreciate games with a quality performance. A majority of the games that do run at flawless framerates, are from Japanese developers. Take for instance all of the Tactical Shooters that are online for the PS2. Which one has the best framerate? Well, Metal Gear Solid 3 of course. All of the other tactical shooters run at an average framerate.

I worship titles like Zone of Enders, Shinobi, Armored Core, Crimson Sea 2, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, and Twisted Metal Black for having rock solid framerates. It is hilarious how many people bash Armored Core for having simplistic barren arena's, yet they don't appreciate the fact that the game runs at 60 frames per second.

Twisted Metal Black is one of the few American developed games that actually runs at a full framerate. Most western games try to push the number of polygons and textures, which results in poor performance. They are more interested in creating cool screenshots, rather than a game that runs smooth. A perfect example of this is Killzone. The game has a horrible framerate. The developers kept bragging they were pushing the Playstation 2 to it's limits, yet they were actually pushing the game beyond the PS2's limits. They could have cut down the texture resolution and polygons, had a solid framerate, and still had a great looking game.

So far the only first person shooters I know of on the Playstation 2 that run at 60 frames per second, are Fire Warrior and TimeSplitters 2 & 3. Fire Warrior runs at 60fps. The people at Kuju (in europe) really did a great job on the game. It is one of the online PS2 games I respect the most due to the craftmanship done with its game performance.

With most PS2 titles I am able to accept ones that run at about 45fps. Games that are able to run close but not perfect. Tribes Aerial Assault was a game that was hard to pull off on the PS2 in regards to framerate. That game has a lot of draw distance which can cut down a games framerate pretty quicly. TribesAA runs really good in my opinion. It's not perfect, but I don't ever feel that it is invading my gameplay experience in anyway. It runs at a solid 45fps framerate.

I wouldn't discredit the titles that run at an 'OK' framerate. I would just be warry of titles that run at a horrible framerate, and put extra appreciation into the ones that run butter smooth.

I would start seeking out games that are developed to run at 60fps. You will look at your PS2 in a whole new way and appreciate its capabilities, as well as the developers that make the good games. If you are looking for one company that is consistant with this aspect, then check out Koei. I own a game by them called Crimson Sea 2. The game runs just as flawless as Shinobi or Nightshade. I have yet to boot up some of the Dynasty Warriors games I own, but I can only assume they were developed with the same level of craftmanship as Crimson Sea 2.
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