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Topic: AC2 completion impressions

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Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:42 am
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Well, I beat Armored Core 2 this past weekend (7/21). I started a fresh save since the one I had been working on hadn't been played in a while. The game took me 2 days of solid gaming to beat it. This is just the main story arc. I also have to beat another 15 Arena opponents, find all of the hidden parts, and finish a few more missions that I missed or failed in the story mode.

All in all this game is a pretty damn good introduction to the Armored Core series because it can be beaten in such a short timespan. Many of the other AC games have 2 to 3 times as many missions. Plus, this game is easier than other AC games, which makes it an even better candidate for beginners.

In playing AC2 I got a lot better using 3 different attack methods:

1.) Manual Aim Back mounted weapons such as rocket launchers
2.) Blading
3.) Overboost

In the past I never really used these that much. I guess in AC2 I tried using them in missions or arena battles and somehow they all clicked with me. I now know how to build the light model AC I have been working on in other AC games Smile
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