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Tue Sep 04, 2007 11:23 am
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I beat the full single player campaign in Another Age last week. It took me a while to beat it since there were some missions I just couldn't get past, and had to play them 10 times to find the right AC combination.

For curious minds, Another Age is not like other AC mission setups. Instead of there being a branching tree path where you play through the game over and over again to work your way through all of the missions, Another Age has a spider web like interface. More missions are made available in different areas and you simple pick and choose which ones you want to play. You can fail them all as many times as you want, and they will still be there as you are sent back to the mission select without any penalty.

After you beat the game though, there are some bonus missions, which I still have to play through. Apparently a super powerful NineBall is waiting for me.

* sigh *

I wonder how much more powerfull this version is over the regular NineBall I already defeated.

I realy enjoyed making my way through these missions, and it is a huge mission list. Anyone looking for a huge stack of AC missions to play through would be wise to look into AC2:AA.
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