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Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:48 am
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i picked up last raven from a local used game store recently but i haven't played any of the AC games at great length up until this point.

i'm finding it to be brutally difficult right now. i only made it to the second set of missions and then i get completely destroyed, even one of the first missions i had trouble with.

i dont know if it's my machine or my piloting skills, but i'm thinking it's a little of both because these other AC units are doing laps around me and blowing me up in a matter of seconds.

are there any tips seasoned AC players could give me? i don't know how to move as fast as these other AC units but i simply can't keep up with them moving around so much.
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Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:51 pm
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Even for seasoned vet's Armored Core is a very difficult game. Don't be discouraged! The game was designed to be very punishing.

Often times when faced with a difficult mission, I will try and build an AC unit just to beat that mission. The key is to play each mission over and over and look for things that don't necessarilly allow you to win the mission, but to do just a bit better. Then on your rebuild, target that attribute and see how it performs on the next run.

If you are new to AC, I would stick with shell based rounds. If you go for energy weapons you are going to cut it too close with your energy usage and then you are a sitting duck without any boost ability.

Hard missions will make you a better pilot. If you play a mission 50 times and lose every time, you are going to dodge more enemy fire in your 49th try vs your 3rd.

Last Raven is brutally hard After 5 hours of playing your hands will start to feel like jello. Though when you finally beat that mission that has been giving you trouble, it is very satisfying. Just know that you aren't alone, and that ACLR is supposed to be a game that pushes you to your limits.
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